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This small howto describes how one would install IDMS Linux from CD, DVD, path or network.

Preparing Your System

Before you start the installation it is recommended that you back up any important data.

The IDMS Linux installer will wipe the boot sector from the boot drive you specify and install Grub.

Starting The Installation

Starting the install process is an easy task, when booting off the install CD, login as root (no password) and run...

# ./installer

The install CD/DVD itself is a minimalistic IDMS Linux installation and can be used as a rescue/recovery disc.

There are 3 modes if installation...

Second Image
The most common mode of installation. This is what you'd use if you have an installation CD or DVD. During this mode of installation the IDMS Linux installer will look at the end of disk you specify and try find a second image which was cat'd during disk creation. This image is then mounted and used as the source for the installation.

Using this mode of installation you'll specify where the IDMS Linux installer can find the files it needs for installation.

This mode of installation will allow you to specify a URL which will be used to configure the installation process.

Advanced Installation

Creating your own installation media.

Image types

Second Image

This is an image that is cat'd to the end of the bootable CD ISO.

The directory structure is the same as #2 below.


This is a path which is used to find installation files.

It must contain the following directories...


RPMS to be installed



Keys to import before installing


Config data described in Appendix A below


This file is extracted to the root path after installation


A network path is specified, either ftp or http to the installation data file (install.dat).

This data file contains...