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IDMS-Linux is a specialized Linux distribution focused on stability, security and long term support. The distribution targets installations on servers and experienced administrators, providing an advanced, stable platform for services and development.

General Features

  • Designed with stability and security in mind
  • Long-term support (5yr) on releases
  • Commercial support & enterprise edition
  • Support for pure 32-bit or PURE 64-bit (v4.1.x) installations
  • Pre-boot emergency admin console
  • Yum repository for extra applications and updates
  • Community involvement welcome

Installer Features

  • Support for LVM, traditional and custom partitioning during install
  • Supports CD/DVD, path and network install types
  • Supports root filesystem types: ext2, ext3, ext4 (v4.1.x), btrfs (v4.1.x) jfs, reiserfs, xfs
  • Unattended, remote, customizable installation
  • CD/DVD install media boots IDMS Linux (LiveCD) and can be used in rescue situations
  • Quick installation time (< 5mins on certain platforms when installing basic edition)