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IDMS-Linux is a specialized Linux distribution focused on stability, security and long term support. The distribution targets installations on servers and experienced administrators, providing an advanced, stable platform for services and development. Although IDMS Linux has a GUI interface and all the GUI libraries, its discouraged to run a GUI on a server due to the extra resource consumption. The first taste of non-GUI power is the console based installer which uses RPM, this makes installing IDMS Linux a simple 5-15min job.

In the very beginning IDMS Linux was based roughly on Redhat Linux, since then its matured and transformed into its own unique flavor of Linux. IDMS Linux makes use of the RPM package manager, etcnet network configuration tool aswell as initng (in version 4.1+).

IDMS Linux is furthermore optimized for power users, offering a unique preboot (initramfs) environment which can be further customized and used in many scenarios like emergency recovery or single file bootable remote installers.


Commercial Support

Apart from providing free support, we also understand the needs of organizations that require SLA agreements and support contracts. All proceeds are used to employ core volunteers on a permanent basis (ie. job creation) to work full time on improving IDMS Linux. Under our support and SLA agreements more interesting things can also be accomplished such as customizing installations, fully automated installations, bare-metal installations, packaging of certain software and configuration assistance/consulting.